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Probiotic Bacteria and Their Effect on Human Health and Well-beingProbiotic Bacteria and Their Effect on Human Health and Well-being
Probiotic Bacteria and Their Effect on Human Health and Well-being-karger -9783318023244
Probiotic Bacteria and Their Effect on Human Health and Well-being 

Probiotic Bacteria and Their Effect on Human Health and Well-being

Editeur : KARGER paru le : 05/2013

Collection : World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics 107

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Our microflora is an individuel persona) feature, providing a distinct tag to individuels.

However, our intestinal microbiome is strongly affected by genetic, nutritional, and other externat factors, and evolves with age. An effect of different microbial patterns on health appears vert' likely as there seem to be specific changes of intestinal microflora associated with varions diseases. Specific microbial tags mat' thus be used as biomarkers of disease: to diagnose it, to monitor its evolution, and eventually to predict its response to treatment.

This scenario opens the opportunity for targeting intestinal microflora using probiotics, both for prevention and treatment of an increasing number of conditions. Probiotic therapy is applied either as an adjunct to other treatments or as primary therapy, and evidence of efficacy is accumulating in several conditions, affecting either the intestine or nonintestinal organe.

This publication provides an update on probiotics directed at physiciens, biologiste, biotechnologists, and researchers working in the food industry and agriculture, as well as in the environmental and basic sciences.

Fiche Technique probiotic bacteria and their effect on human health and well-being :
ANNEE : 05/2013
ISBN 10 : 3318023248
ISBN 13 : 9783318023244


VII List of Contributors
XI Preface
Guarino, A. (Naples); Quigley, E.M.M. (Cork); Walker, W.A. (Boston)
Composition and Modulation of Intestinal Microbiota
1 Probiotics: Definition and Taxonomy 10 Years after the FAO/WHO Guidelines
Morelii, L. (PiacenzalCremona)

9 Intestinal Microbiota Composition in Children
Buccigrossi, v.; Nicastro, E.; Guarino, A. (Naples)

17 Intestinal Microbiota Composition in Adults Robles Alonso, V.; Guarner, F. (Barcelona)
2S The Intestinal Microbiota and Aging
O'Toole, p.w. (Cork); Brigidi, P (Bologna)
32 Shaping Intestinal Bacterial Community by TLR and NLR Signaling Kobayashi, K.S. (College Station, Tex/Boston, Mass.)
Functions and Dysfunctions of Intestinal Microflora
43 Importance of Early Microbial Colonization for Intestinal Immune Development
Brandtzaeg, P (Oslo)
S6 Effects of the Intestinal Microbiota on Behavior and Brain Biochemistry
Barrett, E. (CorklFermoy); Dinan, TG.; Cryan, J.F.; Quigley, E.M.M.; Shanahan, F.;
O'Toole, pw.; Fitzgerald, G.F. (Cork); Stanton, C; Ross, R.F (CorklFermoy)

64 Relationship between Bacterial Colonization of Human Digestive and Respiratory Tract
Lynch, SV (San Francisco, Cal if.)
Probiotics in the Prevention and Treatment of Diseases in Adults and Children
72 Probiotics in the Prevention and Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Children
Pigneur, B; Ruemmele, F.M. (Paris)
79 Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Children Indrio, F. (Bari); Riezzo, G. (Castellana Grotte)
87 Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Adults
Ouigley, E.M.M. (Cork)
95 Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity in Children
Luoto, R (Pori/Turku); Collado, M.C. (Valencia); Laitinen, K.; Salminen, S.; Isolauri, E. (Turku)
103 Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity in Adults
Power, S.E.; Fitzgerald, G.F.; O'Toole, PW; Ross, RP; Stanton, C; Ouigley, E.M.M.;
Murphy, E.F (Cork)
Specifie Bugs for Specifie Diseases
122 Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Neu, J. (Gainesville, Fla.)
128 Role of Probiotics in Allergies
Berni Canani, R; Di Costanzo, M.; Nocerino, R.; Pezzella, v.; Cosenza, L.; Granata, v.;
Leone, L. (Naples)
139 Probiotics in Respiratory Infections
Bruzzese, E.; Lo Vecchio, A.; Ruberto, E. (Naples)

Probiotics in Food
151 Are Probiotic Effects Dose-Related?
Patton, T.J.; Guandalini, S. (Chicago, III.)
161 Safety of Probiotics
Hojsak, 1. (Zagreb); Shamir, R (Petach Tikva/Tel Aviv)
The Future
171 Age-Related Functional Feeding: A Novel Tooi to Improve the Quality of Life
Forssten, S.D; Rbytib, H. (Kantvik); Ibrahim, F (Ipswich); Ouwehand, A.c. (Kantvik)
178 Use of Microbes to Fight Microbes
Hill, C. (Cork)
186 What Is the Future for Therapies Derived from the Microbiome (Pharmabiotics)?
Rijkers, GT (Middelburg); Mulder, L. (Amsterdam); Rombouts, FM. (Wageningen);
Akkermans, L.MA (Utrecht)
197 Author Index 198 Subject Index

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