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Les livres de l'auteur rosemary border

La couverture et les autres extraits de
Stage 4
Auteur : Cecil Scott FORESTERRosemary BORDERGay GALSWORTHY
Editeur : OXFORD
Collection : Oxford Bookworms Library
Année : 01/2012

'Hornblower fired. There was a small cloud of smoke, but no bang. This is death, he thought. My pistol was the unloaded one.' But Horatio Hornblower does not die. He survives the duel with Simpson, learns to overcome his seasickness, and goes on to risk his lite many times over. It is 1793, Britain is at war with France, and life on a sailing ship of war is hard and dangerous. But the hardest [...] [lire la suite]

13,95 €
Sur commande , expédition sous 8 à 14 jours (en savoir plus)

La couverture et les autres extraits de
Auteur : Rosemary BORDER
Editeur : OXFORD
Année : 01/2008

After dinner we turned the lights out and played 'hideand- seek'. In the dark, I touched a hand, a very cold hand. Now, because of the game, I had to hide in the dark with... with this cold person - not speaking, not knowing who it was. Slowly the others found us, hid with us, until we were all there - all thirteen. [lire la suite]

14,95 €
En stock , expédition demain (en savoir plus)