A Level Mathematics for OCR A Student Book 2 (Year 2)

A Level Mathematics for OCR A Student Book 2 (Year 2)-Cambridge University Press-9781316644300
A Level Mathematics for OCR A Student Book 2 (Year 2) 


Collection : AS/A Level Mathematics for OCR

Langue : Anglais

Année : 01/2018 (2ème édition)

New 2017 Cambridge A Level Maths and Further Maths resources help students with learning and revision. Written for the OCR A Level Mathematics specification for first teaching from 2017, this print Student Book covers the content for the second year of A Level. It balances accessible exposition with a wealth of worked examples, exercises and opportunities to test and consolidate learning, providing a clear and structured pathway for progressing through the course. It is underpinned by a strong pedagogical approach, with an emphasis on skills development and the synoptic nature of the course. Includes answers to aid independent study.
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1. Proof and mathematical communication;
2. Functions;
3. Further transformations of graphs;
4. Sequences and series;
5. Rational functions;
6. General binomial expansion;
Focus on proof 1;
Focus on problem-solving 1;
Focus on modelling 1;
Cross-topic review exercise 1;
7. Radian measure;
8. Further trigonometry;
9. Calculus and exponential trigonometric functions;
10. Further differentiation;
11. Further integration techniques;
12. Further applications of calculus;
13. Differential equations;
14. Numerical solution of equations;
15. Numerical integration;
Focus on proof 2;
Focus on problem solving 2;
Focus on modelling 2;
Cross-topic review exercise 2;
16. Conditional probability;
17. Normal distribution;
18. Further hypothesis testing;
Focus on proof 3;
Focus on problem solving 3;
Focus on modelling 3;
Cross-topic review exercise 3;
19. Applications of vectors;
20. Projectiles;
21. Forces in context;
22. Moments; Focus on proof 4;
Focus on problem solving 4;
Focus on modelling 4;
Cross-topic review exercise 4.

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