VFR Flight Rules France

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VFR Flight Rules France 

Editeur : CEPADUES

Année : 01/2017 (7ème édition)
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This booklet is intended for those Foreign private pilots who wish to overfly or land in?France.

It?describes general and specific regulations for VFR flights relative to?:
? French airspace,
? Procedures to enter or leave French?airspace,
? Aerodrome circuit joining procedures,
? Information services for VFR, etc.

The bulk of French regulations complies with ICAO standards, but there are some specific rules that are brought out in this book.

The objective is to help private pilots prepare a VFR flight to France.

In this edition you will find :
? Text about the implementation of regulation (EU) No 923/2012 («SERA») for VFR in France.
? Text about recognition of license according to AIRCREW rules.
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Table des matières


Chapter one : French airspace
1. Airspace classification
3. Flight information upper airspace (uir)
4. Airspace restrictions and danger areas
5. French aviation territorial organisation
6. Aeronautical information
7. Class e, f & g

Chapter two : Police facilities
1. Central directory for border police
2. Gendarmerie aerial transport
3. Interception procedures

chapter three : Rules of the air
1. Definitions
2. General rules
3. Priority
4. Minimum overflight heights
5. Vfr flight plans
6. Fuel reserve

chapter four : VFR rules
1. Vfr flight
2. Vfr weather minima
3. Vfr in controlled airspace
4. Vfr cruising levels
5. Preferential utilization of low altitude airspace (zba)

chapter five : Air traffic services
1. Radar
2. Flight information service
3. Aerodrome
4. General provisions for aerodrome
5. Radiocommunications

chapter six : Specific procedures
1. Procedure to cross the borders of metropolitan france
3. Night vfr flight rules
4. Flight over the sea (maritime)

chapter SEVEN : Meterology
1. Meteorological assistance to the VFR Flight
2. Aeroweb

chapter eight : conformity of licences
1. Recognition of national aircraft pilot license (PPL-N) issued by the CAA
2. An IMC rating can be added into a national UK PPL, but cannot be used inEASA aircraft after 8 April 2014


Flight Rules France
Editeur : CEPADUES
Année : 05/2015

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