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Perspiration Research

Perspiration Research-karger-9783318059045
Perspiration Research 

Editeur : KARGER

Collection : Currents Problems in Dermatology - 51

Langue : Anglais

Année : 09/2016
The latest knowledge in the field
Research into perspiration has developed dramatically during the last 15 years, continually improving our understanding of the pathogenesis of sweating disorders. It has become clear that, in addition to its temperature-regulating function, perspiration offers bactericidal protection as well. In this book, select authors further broaden our perspective on perspiration. Contributions cover a variety of new aspects, offering insight into the sweat glands' major role during the onset of disorders such as parapsoriasis, lichen planus, and lichen amyloidosis. They also highlight the importance of Malassezia - an allergen in sweat that exacerbates atopic dermatitis and cholinergic urticarial. Further roles of the sweat glands are discussed, including as storage of stem cells for replenishing epidermal cells in the case of thermal burns or as water retention sites for replenishing moisture in the stratum corneum. In addition, a novel analysis of the sweat glands' three-dimensional structures, using high-speed en-face optical coherence tomography (OCT), is introduced.

Offering an in-depth overview of the latest knowledge in perspiration research, this book serves as an essential reference for all medical staff and researchers in the field.

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Nbr de pages : 150
ISBN 10 : 3318059048
ISBN 13 : 9783318059045
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