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Prosthetic Rehabilitation. Part II: Technical Procedures

Prosthetic Rehabilitation. Part II: Technical Procedures-quintessence publishing-9781850971986
Prosthetic Rehabilitation. Part II: Technical Procedures 


Langue : Anglais

Année : 09/2012
This second volume in the international Prosthetic Rehabilitation series articulates a thorough, patient-centered approach to prosthodontic restoration that addresses the important psychosocial aspects of oral rehabilitation in addition to sound prosthodontic design and fabrication. Placing a strong emphasis on the scientific rigor of clinical decision making, the authors present the principles central to constructing optimal prostheses for patients in various stages of edentulism, including partially edentulous and single-tooth gap situations. Every technical phase of rehabilitation is detailed, from the initial clinical examination to fabrication of the definitive restoration and the long-term follow-up. Direction is given on tailoring restorative treatments to individual patients, and chapters cover many undervalued aspects of prosthetic care, including management of unfavorable anatomical conditions and common oral syndromes; establishment of optimum interaction between prosthetic retention, stability, and support; and successful provisionalization. Expert guidance on increasing denture stability, conditioning the soft tissues, and selecting the right denture adhesive rounds out this highly practical and well-illustrated book.
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1. Total edentulism
2. Constructive Principles of the Complete Denture: Retention, Stability, Support
3. Construction Principles for Complete Dentures
4. Introduction to the Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Edentulous Patients
5. Oral Mucosal Diseases in Patients with Removable Dentures
6. Provisional Prostheses
7. Conditioning Supporting Tissues
8. Denture Adhesives
9. Unfavorable Anatomic Conditions
10. Burning Mouth Syndrome
11. Implant-Retained Overdentures
12. Overdenture on Natural Teeth
13. Treatment of Partial Edentulism
14. Hygiene and Longevity of Prosthetic Rehabilitation
15. Follow-up Care of Prostheses

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