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The Last Samurai

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The Last Samurai 

Auteur :

Editeur : VINTAGE

Langue étudiée : Anglais

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Date parution :

‘Fiercely intelligent, very funny and unlike anything else I’ve ever read’ MARK HADDON
'Original...witty...playful…a wonderfully funny book' JAMES WOOD
‘Destined to become a classic’ GARTH RISK HALLBERG

Eleven-year-old Ludo is in search of a father. Raised singlehandedly by his mother Sibylla, Ludo’s been reading Greek, Arabic, Japanese and a little Hebrew since the age of four; but reading Homer in the original whilst riding the Circle Line on the London Underground isn’t enough to satisfy the boy’s boundless curiosity. Is he a genius? A real-life child prodigy? He’s grown up watching Seven Samurai on a hypnotising loop – his mother’s strategy to give him not one but seven male role models. And yet Ludo remains obsessed with the one thing his mother refuses to tell him: his real father’s name. Let loose on London, Ludo sets out on a secret quest to find the last samurai – the father he never knew.

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Reliure : Broché
Nbr de pages : 496
Dimension : 13.4 x 19.9 cm
Poids : 490 gr
ISBN 10 : 1784707961
ISBN 13 : 9781784707965
11,50 €
Sur commande , expédition sous 4 à 8 jours (en savoir plus)

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"Her style is brilliantly heartless, and cork-dry; original herself, she is a witty examiner of human and cultural eccentricity. She is, above all, playful… What grounds all DeWitt’s brilliance and game-playing is the way that she dramatizes a certain kind of hyperintelligent rationalism and probes its irregular distribution of blindness and insight…a wonderfully funny book, but comedy dances near the abyss; the apprehension of humor’s frailty links DeWitt to the tragicomic tradition of Cervantes, Sterne, and Nabokov" (James Wood New Yorker)

"Fiercely intelligent, very funny and unlike anything else I’ve ever read" (Mark Haddon)

"A triumph – a genuinely new story, a genuinely new form" (A. S. Byatt)

"A bold, brilliant book…original both in content and form… DeWitt’s zeal cannot fail to enchant" (Guardian)

"An exhilaratingly literate and playful first novel by a fresh, electrifying talent. DeWitt goes to the top of the class...her adventurousness spins out on an epic scale" (New York Times)

"A brilliant debut novel...keeps things moving at an exhilarating clip... DeWitt is formidably intelligent but engagingly witty" (Washington Post)

"Destined to become a classic" (Garth Risk Hallberg)

"The Last Samurai is an original work of brilliance about, in part, the limits of brilliance. And in literature as in life, DeWitt understands that what we like most of all is a good yarn" (Time)

"You walk into a book due to an Akira Kurosawa link and your fondness for the great film-maker. You walk out, staggered by the book's originality and bravery... It should be read by everyone" (Irish Times)

"I adored this crazy, fabulous, lovable book… This really does deserve to be a modern classic" (The Pool)

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