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Livres BD et romans graphiques

Sunstone Mercy, Vol. 7
Année : 05/2021

"MERCY," Part Two The tale of kink and metal continues as Ally and Alan ride their rollercoaster of sexual exploration. Meanwhile Anne and Laura enjoy their little slice of heaven relationship. Good times all around. Sure would be a shame if addictive behavior and trust issues ruined all that fun. I mean, that would be terrible. [lire la suite]

21,00 €
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1 - The Preacher's Trail
Auteur : Yves SWOLFS |
Année : 03/2021

Kansas, January 1861
Markham the preacher and his gang of fanatics are spreading terror along the border with Missouri... A nameless rider is tracking them.
From the snowy plains of the Midwest to the dark alleys of New York City, his quest for revenge, for his identity, will lead the rider to the edge of the supernatural and an epic confrontation. [lire la suite]

11,75 €
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The Regiment
The True Story of the SAS / Book 3
Auteur : BRUGEAS
Année : 03/2021

Rommel's Afrikakorps reigned supreme over the Sahara.
But British Captain David Stirling decided to change the rules of the game. He created the Special Air Service, a small, elite unit dedicated to conducting guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines.
To fight a fox, they needed wolves.
[lire la suite]

12,95 €
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Series authorised happiness-vol 3
Auteur : VAN HAMME
Editeur : CINEBOOK
Année : 03/2021

When the notion of welfare state gets out of control, where will bureaucratic absurdity stop in its quest for universal happiness? This series of vignettes depiets slices of life from different people - different destinies that will all come together for the terrible conclusion of the last volume.
Superintendent Carelli is getting old, and has already lost most of his illusions. [lire la suite]

11,75 €
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