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Coronary stenosis imaging, structure and physiology

Coronary stenosis imaging, structure and physiology - pcr publishing - 9782913628564 -
Coronary stenosis imaging, structure and physiology  

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Collection :  EuroIntervention textbook series

Langue : Anglais

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"Coronary stenoses. Imaging, structure and physiology" has been designed as a clinically and research orientated reference for all cardiologists, physicians, cardiovascular imagers, trainees and investigators working in the field of ischemic heart disease. In the scenario of facilitated access to the coronary arteries provided by new diagnostic techniques, this book Gomes to fill an empty space in the medical literature: a textbook providing a comprehensive, multifaceted analyses of atherosclerotic and non-atherosclerotic coronary stenoses, addressing multiple issues that are of key importance in invasive and non-invasive diagnostic studies of the coronary vessels.

Emphases has been placed in integrating three separate aspects: imaging, structure and physiology.
The chapters are written by top experts in invasive and non-invasive diagnostics, coronary anatomy, pathology and physiology, encouraged by the editors to adress each topic from a plural perspective to facilitate knowledge sharing between their respective disciplines. An associated website provides access to the electronic edition of the book, which includes moving images and updated material.

This book is an indispensable companion for all those involved in the diagnoses and treatment of ischemic heart disease. With a foreword by Morton J. Kern, MD, PhD

  •  Invasive and non-invasive imaging: "a new era of knowledge sharing in ischemic heart disease"
  •  Coronary physiology: "made easy to understand, indispensable for adequate decision-making"
  •  Coronary atheroma: "Imaging structure and plaque composition of stable and vulnerable plaques"
  •  Non-atherosclerotic disease: "from congenital anomalies to iatrogenic stenoses and coronary spasm"
  •  On-line version: "a glimpse to the future; videos and images obtained with cutting-edge technology"

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Reliure : Relié
Nbr de pages : 535
ISBN 10 : 2913628567
ISBN 13 : 9782913628564

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