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Knives 2017
The world's greatest knife book

Knives 2017 - krause - 9781440246784 -
Knives 2017 

Auteur : 

Editeur : KRAUSE

Langue : Anglais

Date parution :  (37ème édition)

In the explosion of activity in the handmade knives world over the past two decades, the cream has definitely risen to the top — and KNIVES 2017 shows off the best of the best. Every imaginable pattern, material, innovation and embellishment is embodied in modern custom knives, and the KNIVES annual book showcases the finest with spectacular, full-colon imagery.

Collectors uncover real finds in the KNIVES book every year, custom makers land customers, readers are awed and inspired and enthusiasts corne further into the fold. Coverage of trends and state of the art in handmade knives never disappoints, with artistry transcending time and place, and affecting the sensibilities of those who admire fine handcraft.

  • Engrossing feature articles cover bushcraft knives, swords of Norse lore, fine-tuning folders and smelting steel from iron ore.
  • Trends include chef's knives, bowie/fighters, mammoth ivory and molars, boot knives and keen campers.
  • The State of the Art chapter delves into knife/sheath packages, sculpture, engraving and scrimshaw.
  • Find your favorite maker in the world's most complete custom knifemaker directory!

In KNIVES 2017, lose yourself in page after page of beautiful handmade knives and see why custom knifemaking has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Auteurs :

An avid knife enthusiast, Joe Kertzman spent 20 years as managing editor of BLADE magazine. Kertzman has authored 14 editions of the KNIVES annual book,
as well as Art of the Knife, Blade's Guide to Making Knives, and four editions of Sporting Knives.

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Reliure : Broché
Nbr de pages : 320
Dimension : 21 x 27,6 cm
ISBN 10 : 1440246785
ISBN 13 : 9781440246784
15,00 €
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