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Phlebology - elsevier / masson - 9782842999452 -

Auteur : 


Date parution :  (5ème édition)

Completely restructured, with more illustrations, and rewritten by a new team of authors, this fifth edition presents a critical review of phlebology in light of the most recent data from evidence-based medicine.

Although a frequent reason for office visite and hospitalization, venous diseases are paradoxically only rarely taught in medical schools. They nevertheless have heavy consequences for both the patient and Society: suffering, disability, mortality, overall socioeconomic costs, etc.

This fifth edition offers a multidisciplinary and exhaustive approach to phlebology:

  •     everyday practice (clinicat, diagnostic, therapeutic, etc.) has been emphasized:
  •     particular attention has been devoted to certain subjects that are not well known: cutaneous manifestations, differential diagnosis, functional investigations, drag therapy, endoscopic techniques, new approaches to leg inters, and clinicat tare and treatment of acute venous disease (superficial thrombophlebitis, deep vein thromboses);
  •     a detailed index allows the reader to quickly find the desired information.

This book will interest medical students, angiotogists, surgeons, dermatologiste, internists, and phlebologists, but it will also be of interest to all those who are confronted with the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases.

The authors
The multidisciplined approach of the book also stems from the specialties and training of its authors.

Albert-Adrien Ramelet is a dermatologist and angiologist in Lausanne and Bern. Michel Perrin is a vascular surgeon in Lyon.
Philippe Kern is an internist and angiologist in Vevey.
Henri Bounameaux is an internist and angiologist in Geneva.

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Préface : A.-A. RAMELET
Reliure : Broché
Nbr de pages : 566
ISBN 10 : 2842999452
ISBN 13 : 9782842999452
38,00 €
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