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Phytophagous Beetles of Europe - Tome 3

Phytophagous Beetles of Europe - Tome 3 - nap - 9782913688209
Phytophagous Beetles of Europe - Tome 3 

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Editeur : NAP

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A complete collection of herbivorous beetles EuropeThe book "Beetles phytophages Europe, Volume 3" is the third volume in the series of Beetles Phytophaga in Europe and the fourth in a series of 6 volumes which will cover most of the beetles found in Europe.This naturalist guide concerns herbivorous beetles, belonging to the families Bruchidae, Apionidae, Anthribidae, Rynchitidae and Curculionidae Entiminae, that attack herbaceous plants, foliage of trees and shrubs, and seeds.A beetle identification guideThe Curculionidae constitute the largest family of beetles, their study is particularly difficult, but you will recognize the most common species and most characteristic of different genres, thanks to descriptions of them and the many illustrations in black and white drawings and color plates, accompanying them. For each species habitat, its manners, and adult emergence period are indicated in the notices and maps showing their distribution in Europe, the Iberian Peninsula and from Britain to Scandinavia and Sicily. The names of the plants on which the larvae develop, where adults can usually be discovered, and the method and the tools to harvest are precisely indicated. The preparation of insects, the establishment of a collection and preservation are explained.A field guide for amateur entomologists as to experienced entomologists.

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Reliure : Relié
Nbr de pages : 448
Dimension : 13 x 20 cm
ISBN 10 : 2913688209
ISBN 13 : 9782913688209
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