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The Warning
You thought you knew what happened to your son. You were wrong.

The Warning - Sphere - 9780751576122 -
The Warning 

Auteur : 

Editeur : SPHERE

Langue étudiée : Anglais

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Date parution :

My little boy's room was empty, his bed neatly made. Alarm bells should have rung immediately. Then the knock on the door came. All I remember is a thick fog wrapping itself tightly around me. This couldn't be happening to us . . .

Three years ago, nurse Zoe's son Ethan was found drowned in a muddy river by their home, along with his best friend Josh. With no witnesses, their deaths were ruled a tragic accident.

Heartbroken, Zoe and her family move away from her home. They're just beginning to get back to some kind of normality, when, out of the blue, Zoe receives an anonymous email:

You need to find out the truth about what happened to your son. Don't let this rest. Don't believe the lie.

Shaken, Zoe starts an obsessive hunt for the truth. But why is her husband so reluctant to help?
And why is Josh's mother so determined not to believe her?

An absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller about a mother's desperate search for the truth. Fans of Jane Corry, Jenny Blackhurst and Rachel Abbott will be hooked from the very first page.

See what readers are saying about The Warning:

'Man, what a book! Can I repeat again - what a book!...a thrilling rush in each page ...a total rollercoaster ride. I loved its bumpy roads, the twists and turns churned my stomach, and I enjoyed every bit of it'. Book Reviews by Shalini

'Oh my goodness! This twisty thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way until the very end ...fascinating ... I could not put it down...interesting and captivating.' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars.

'Absolutely cracking psychological thriller... a truly magnificent read. I was glued to it from start to finish, barely able to put it down... the exact book I needed to kick my reading mojo back into gear.' Leah Reads Books

'OMG Kathryn Croft has done it again!!! I devoured this book in two days!!! I absolutely loved it along with all the other books I've read of hers. From the beginning to end kept in suspense and shock. I really didn't see any of it coming.' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

'I proudly hand over 5 twisty messed-up stars to this book!!! I loved this and all the WTF moments... It was so freakin' cool to read! Very interesting plot(s) going on here!! Twisted, twisty, dark, sad, awesome!!! Oh let's just say... THAT ending!... 5 Stars from me!!!' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

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Reliure : Broché
Nbr de pages : 320
Dimension : 12.8 x 19.8 cm
Poids : 224 gr
ISBN 10 : 0751576123
ISBN 13 : 9780751576122
10,50 €
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