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The Swiss Family Robinson
(Barnes & Noble Collectible Classics: Children's Edition)
Auteur : Johann WYSS
Année : 08/2016

Shipwrecked on an uncharted island, the Swiss Family Robinson—mother, father, and four young boys—make the most of their predicament, adapting to the island and turning the absence of civilization to their advantage. Through perseverance, hard work, and self-reliance, they become masters of their new environment. Their experience is colorful, creative, and filled with exciting adventures.
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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
(Barnes & Noble Collectible Classics: Children's Edition)
Auteur : Jules VERNE
Année : 05/2016

A gorgeous edition of Jules Verne’s landmark of science fiction and wonder, featuring full-color art by Milo Winter. When Professor Pierre Aronnax and harpoonist Ned Land join an expedition to hunt a fierce "whale" that has been sinking ships, they end up as captives of Captain Nemo, who prowls the sea in his magnificent submarine, the Nautilus.
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