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Les livres de la collection - Aesthetic Dermatology

Dermal Fillers
Auteur : collectif
Editeur : KARGER
Année : 12/2017

The aging process affects every aspect of the body, with the face being one of the first places to show signs. The search for the perfect injectable filler has taken an interesting path with the majority of innovations having been introduced in the last 30 years. [lire la suite]

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Radiofrequency in Cosmetic Dermatology
Editeur : KARGER
Année : 01/2015

Covering all aspects of the application of this cutting-edge technology in aesthetics

Radiofrequency (RF) has been used in many areas of medicine for some time, but only gained popularity in aesthetics in the early 2000s. Although initial procedures provided variable results, the field of RF has grown dramatically. [lire la suite]

102,00 €
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Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions
Editeur : KARGER
Année : 01/2014

A comprehensive review

Today, nearly 60 years after the invention of the first medical laser, multiple laser and light systems exist and are applied in various medical specialties such as dermatology, ophthalmology, and urology.
This volume - the first in the series Aesthetic Dermatology - focuses on the laser treatment of cutaneous lesions with a vascular target. [lire la suite]

95,00 €
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