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The Story of the Three Bears
Editeur : CODOBELC
Année : 10/2021

The story was recorded by English writer and poet Robert Southey (1774 -1843), and first published in 1837. It could be that R. Southey possibly heard an animal story starring an old cunning fox "Silverlocks", and confused the "vixen" with a synonym for an unpleasant malicious old woman.

The story has been adapted to film, opera, and other media.
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P. Oinque Encyclopedia
Auteur : Lica SAINCIUC
Editeur : CODOBELC
Année : 10/2021

Through simple images and texts, the sophisticated and profound notions are explained in an accessible way, things that even adults can sometimes hardly perceive. Children are introduced to the rational (small) universe of adults, with its various fields, such as: biology, physics, geography, logic, history, maths, philosophy, abstraction, etc.
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