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Advances in Tea Agronomy

Advances in Tea Agronomy - cambridge - 9781107095816 -
Advances in Tea Agronomy 

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Tea is big business. After water, tea is believed to be the most widely consumed beverage in the world. And yet, as productivity increases, the real price of tea declines while labour costs continue to rise. Tea remains a labour intensive industry. With a distinguished career spanning over 50 years and rich experience in diverse crops, Mike Carr is eminently qualified to indulge in an intelligent discourse on tea agronomy. In addition to a comprehensive review of the principal tea growing regions worldwide in terms of structure, productivity and principal constraints, he has attempted to question and seeks to find the associated experimental evidence needed to support current and future crop management practices. The book will assist all those involved in the tea industry to become creative thinkers and to question accepted practices. International in content, it will appeal to practitioners and students from tea growing countries worldwide.

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Mike Carr is Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Water Management at Cranfield University, UK. He has over 45 years of experience in the management and delivery of international research, education, training and consultancy in agriculture and natural resource management. He is the author of Advances in Irrigation Agronomy: Plantation Crops (Cambridge, 2012), Advances in Irrigation Agronomy: Fruit Crops (Cambridge, 2014) and former editor in chief of the Cambridge University Press journal Experimental Agriculture.

'An exquisite work describing the major aspects of tea planting and cultivation, written by Professor Mike Carr, a famous scholar in this field. I believe this book will be a distinguished addition to the world of tea science.' Zong-Mao Chen, Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
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ISBN 10 : 1107095816
ISBN 13 : 9781107095816
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Foreword V. S. Sharma;
Preface; Acknowledgements;
1. Karibuni! Welcome to you all!;
2. The world of tea: a geriatric problem;
3. A changing climate: stay cool;
4. Taxonomic delight: only plant the best;
5. March of the clones: to breed or not to breed, that was the question Hereward Corley and Gabriel Kiplangat Tuwei;
6. Planting and replanting: but, whoever said this was simple?;
7. Creating a framework: a framework for analysis;
8. Roots exposed: life underground;
9. We are only growing leaves: source or sink?;
10. Plucks shoots and leaves: looking after the children;
11. Machine assisted harvesting: the need of the hour;
12. Intelligent guesswork: we can only build on what has gone before M. K. V. Carr and Christopher John Flowers;
13. Pores for thought: gaseous exchange;
14. More pores for thought: and the answer lies in the soil;
15. Water productivity: more crop per drop;
16. A shady business: teas need trees;
17. A nice cup of tea: who decides?;
18. Fair trade: smallholders are beautiful;
19. The agronomist's report: a synthesis;
20. Support services: are they sustainable?;
Annex to Chapter 3: weather summary for tea growing regions M. K. V. Carr, Matthew Upson and Marta Perez Ortola;

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